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For professional purposes, I translate exclusively from German into English. I have studied language for years. In this time, I have come to believe that generally only a native speaker of a language has the kind of expertise and understanding of that language which is necessary to produce a text that is linguistically pleasing, grammatically correct and in the appropriate register. There are extremely few exceptions to this rule, and I certainly would not trust an individual translator who claimed to be able to translate both to and from numerous different languages.

I prefer to concentrate on one language pair (German and English) and one direction in translation (German to English). By focusing on these two languages, I have developed the expertise necessary to produce English translations of the highest possible quality.

I will not take on any job which I do not feel I am fully qualified to do. If I am presented with a text which, for whatever reason, I do not think I am capable of translating in an absolutely professional manner, I will immediately inform the client so that another translator can be found. Any good translator who follows a professional code of ethics will do the same.

Translation prices

The price of a translation is generally based on the number of words in the source text (the German text). Rush jobs will incur extra charges.

Please contact me for more details or price estimates.

email: jessica@lostintranslation.com

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