Lost in translation

Hello, my name is Jessica Spengler.

I’m a German to English translator specializing in the humanities and social sciences. I have extensive experience in non-fiction literary translation, and I have worked as a translator and copyeditor on numerous museum exhibitions, academic publications and other projects.

Many of my clients have worked with me for a decade or more. Publishers and other organizations return to me again and again because they know they can count on me to produce accurate, refined translations that respect the source text and target audience alike. Whether you have a one-off translation need or are looking for longer-term collaboration, I’m happy to help.

How the West Lost the Peace: The Great Transformation Since the Cold War, by Philipp Ther. The Scent of Empires: Chanel No. 5 and Red Moscow, by Karl Schlögel. Sex and the Nazi Soldier: Violent, Commercial and Consensual Encounters during the War in the Soviet Union, 1941-45, by Regina Mühlhäuser. What Is at Stake Now: My Appeal for Peace and Freedom, by Mikhail Gorbachev. Troublemakers: A Philosophy of Puer Robustus, by Dieter Thomä. Vertical Europe: The Sociology of High-Rise Construction, by Andrea Glauser. Society of Fear, by Heinz Bude. Munich 1919: Diary of a Revolution, by Victor Klemperer. Ordinary Organizations: Why Normal Men Carried Out the Holocaust, by Stefan Kühl. Wall Memorials and Heritage: The Heritage Industry of Berlin's Checkpoint Charlie, by Sybille Frank. White Magic: The Age of Paper, by Lothar Müller. Inside Concentration Camps: Social Life at the Extremes, by Maja Suderland.